About Me

I'm a Texan

Well... I am not a native Texan Ya'll.  However I have lived in North Texan most of my life and have come to appreciate even love all that Texas has to offer.  Now this is about the time that someone may ask, "Does this include the weather?"  Yes! I absolutely love the weather here!  The winter isn't anything to talk about and we really don't have a spring or fall, however what we lack the rest of the year we more than make up for in the summer!  Hot sunny days are what I love most about Texas!  Good hearted people are also a large part of what makes this state great.  The people here, bad apples aside, are friendly, helpful and sincere people.   


The first part of the year (during UTD's Spring Semester) I've been quite busy with school and work.  Life isn't all work, after long days any spare scraps of free time are devoted to the pursuit of knowledge, person projects and hobbies.


  • Programming!
  • Cycling - I'm one of those crazy* guys, in tight shorts, peddling down long stretches of road.  *Not too crazy, only when it's not raining and during temperatures of 70 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Computer Hardware- I've always had an interest in electronics.  Perhaps it was my Engineer/Father's genes, whatever it may be, I've come to terms: I'm a geek.
  • Weightlifting - I enjoy the gym and the vitality that exercise brings.
  • Games - Currently I've been logging hours in:
    • Starcraft II
    • Black Ops
  • Comedies - I'm a Comedy Central Guy.
  • Music - Who doesn't enjoy good music?

What's to come?

Charles F. Ketterling is credited with saying "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there".  This is a sentiment I hold dear, I have great plans for the future, perhaps most importantly a family, and I am working hard to prepare today.