My Little Girl Winter

Winter is much more than a Pug, she is a (somewhat) faithful companion that has traveled around the States with me.






She will cheer you up with no effort at all, and often does. She is obedient, for the most part. She even knows a few tricks. 

She was a great mom. 

She really surprised me on how well of a mother she actually was.  Below is her mate, and her pups.  She had two boys one black one fawn and two girls one black and one fawn.  They sure were cute...

Her Predecessors

Where does Winter get her namesake?

Well, before her was Spring (aka Spring Spring) a beautiful and loving Golden Retriever.  Spring had an older sister named Summer, a short haired "Golden Retriever" with a few white spots. 

Perhaps you are seeing a pattern, it all started with Autumn.  Autumn was my first dog, the first dog that I bonded with.  She was a neighbors illegitimate puppy, half Golden, half Scamp.