Employment Experience


Cisco Systems

Currently I am working as an intern in the Small Business Testing Group at Cisco Systems.  Specifically, our group is working on the UC 320W, a nifty device:

Working at Cisco has given allowed for some fun learning experiences.  I have been exposed to many different and interesting technologies, such as Perl, networking protocols, routers, servers, UNIX environments, IOS, SIP and FXO utilization.

In addition, I anticipate certifying for the CCENT by the end of the year. 



Virginia Parkway Pet Hospital

For approximately five years I was the Kennel Manger and the Veterinary Technician for Dr. Elizabeth King DVM.  This was the most rewarding employment I have thus far enjoyed.  In spite of a new career path, Computer Science, I often reflect and pull upon past encounters and wisdom.  VPPH offered many benefits such as friendships (of all species), knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and small businesses, biology, computers and management.

Winter, my pug, and I regularly return to visit, although sometimes I enjoy the visits more than she does.



Volt @ Texas Instruments

For several months before accepting my position at Virginia Parkway Pet Hospital, I labored in TI's wafer fabs.  This too was a learning experience, packed full of chemicals, multimillion dollar machines, stringent qualifications/parameters, yellow lights and air cleaner than the OR.

For the technically endowed, I worked in "photo".  This involves the machines and processes that emits light through screens onto the chemically prepared silicon wafers. 

This was perhaps the first time I realized that engineering and computer science was in my blood.

Additional Employeers


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*I worked for First American Bank, a bank that was bought by Citibank during the end of my tenure there.